The State of the Network in 2024 

Another lap around the sun, a brand-new TeleGeography State of the Network Report— a custom we have actually kept given that 2017.

No seven-year itch for us, though; we’re simply starting. As the world of telecom continues to turn, each edition brings much more to report on than the last.

If you’re brand-new here, consider this e-book as our 2024 check-in on all things telecom.

After assembling the information and analysis our group dutifully caught throughout 2023, we draw out the significant international bandwidth headings, take a picture of the international web, browse the current in information centers, check in on the cloud, and surface with an upgrade from the voice market.

What can you anticipate to check out in our newest report?

For beginners, financial investment is rising to fulfill need throughout all international paths. Lots of international networks are going back to more common rates of usage. Another significant disruptive part has actually emerged in the information center market. And the rate of cloud area growth appears to be getting once again.

This report is simply the pointer of the iceberg (you’ll discover a lot more within our complete suite of research study apps), however it’s a terrific tasting of our core information sets.

Thanks for your continued readership and interest in our work. You can download this year’s report over here

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