Navy Destroyer Sunk by Kamikaze Attacks in WWII Discovered

  • A group of undersea explorers found a long-lost sunken The second world war Navy warship.
  • The U.S.S. Mannert L. Abele sank off Okinawa in 1945 after being struck by 2 kamikaze attacks.
  • Expert acquired old images of the Abele.

A group of civilian undersea explorers found the remains of a long-lost World War II-era warship that sunk off the coast of Okinawa almost 70 years ago amidst the Pacific War.

The exact area of the U.S.S Mannert L. Abele had actually been formerly unidentified till the Lost 52 Job– an archeological company devoted to discovering Navy ships and submarines that sank in the 2nd World War– found the Abele in December of in 2015, the group informed The New york city Times today.

The United States Navy’s Naval History and Heritage Command verified the discovery last month.

Authorities Navy images shown Expert reveal the decades-old warship as it sank in the Pacific after being struck by 2 Japanese kamikaze airplane which activated double surges.

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