Samsung Research & Institute Interview Experience SDE Internship (On-Campus)

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On our Campus, SRIB started the hiring process in September 2022. The overall process consisted of two rounds:

  • Coding Round
  • Interview Round

Coding Round: The coding consisted of 3 coding questions and the time allotted is 1 hour.

  • Que 1: A binary tree and a node (say parent) is given. Let the level of the child of the parent be x. Then we have to find the sum of all nodes in the level x except the children of the parent.
  • Que 2: A binary tree and an integer k is given. We need find k exists in the tree or not and return true/false accordingly.
  • Que 3: An array arr of size n is given. For every ith element between 1 to n, we need to find the number of elements from i+1 to n that are greater than it. 

Interview Round: The interview was conducted on MS Teams. It had only one round of 45 mins. Interview began with my introduction. Then the interviewer started asking questions.

Coding questions: 

  • Que 1:
  • Que 2: Quick sort and merge sort (Algorithms, time complexity, which one is best and why).
  • Que 3: A sorted array is given and a target element is also given. We need to find this element in O(logn) time. It was a simple binary search question.

OOP questions

  • Que 1: What is class and object? Why the concept of class needed?
  • Que 2: Properties of OOPs
  • Que 3:

Project-related questions: I’ve done three projects: 

  • Articulate manipulator – Robotic project
  • Captcha solver – Deep Learning project
  • Blog website – Web development project

Interviewer asked me question related to the deep learning project.

  • Que 1: What is convolution and why it is needed?
  • Que 2: He gave me 2D matrix and a kernel and then asked me to find the matrix obtained after convolution operation.

With this my interview over.

Tip: Give all answers with confidence and if you find yourself stuck in a problem, ask the interviewer for a hint. He will help you out.

Verdict: Selected.

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