ADU 01252: Who are Drone U’s in-person classes geared towards?

Today’s question is from Ike, who would like to know about Drone U’s in-person classes and what it takes to make the best of these classes and the intended audience for the classes.

A fair question, considering these are the most common questions we receive about our classes.

We discuss the expectations in-person class attendees have and how they can make the best use of our classes. We believe having a strong understanding of the expectations helps us provide value for their time and investment in our classes.

We then discuss if Drone U’s mapping classes are meant for beginners and things for pilots to practice prior to attending the mapping classes. We then provide a breakdown of courses that pilots can go through which are readily available through membership and flight practice exercises to master prior to attending the mapping classes.

Lastly, we discuss and share the experience of pilots who have gone through our in-person classes and how they were able to build their knowledge and expertise and network by participating in our classes.

You don’t want to miss this show to know all about our in-person classes how they can help you take your deliverables to the next level ! Drone U has specific in-person classes and courses to take your skills to the next level.

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[01:40] Today’s question from Ike – Who are Drone U’s in-person classes designed for?
[03:08] Drone U’s expectation from student pre class
[03:45] Course participant expectations and how these help one be successful

[05:07] Are Drone U’s mapping classes meant for beginners?

[05:44] Things to do before attending Drone U mapping class

[06:15] Course practice for learning to fly

[07:30] Paul shares class participant experience and student experience

[11:40] Other requirements for Mapping classes

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