New Place for an Open Design With Design

In realty, place is whatever. That can likewise hold true of a home’s interior areas. This young California couple with 2 young children believed the place of their kitchen area in a back corner of the home restricted their connection to the surrounding home. So they worked with designer Natalia Avalos to assist them look for a brand-new place within the home that would provide the open-concept, family-friendly kitchen area they imagined.

Avalos and the house owners turned their attention to the centrally situated dining-room, which had more natural light and much better connection to the living-room and outside locations. Changing the space into a brand-new kitchen area permitted Avalos to produce an open design with a big multipurpose island that includes storage, work surface area and seating for 4. White boundary cabinets, white marble-look counter tops and a piece backsplash produce an intense appearance, while the walnut island base and white oak floor covering include heat.


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