Exclusive-Iranian and Hezbollah leaders assist direct Houthi attacks in Yemen, sources state By Reuters


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By Samia Nakhoul and Parisa Hafezi

DUBAI (Reuters) – Leaders from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Lebanon’s Hezbollah group are on the ground in Yemen assisting to direct and supervise Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping, 4 local and 2 Iranian sources informed Reuters.

Iran – which has actually equipped, trained and moneyed the Houthis – stepped up its weapons products to the militia in the wake of the war in Gaza, which emerged after Iranian-backed militants Hamas assaulted Israel on Oct. 7, the 4 local sources stated.

Tehran has actually supplied sophisticated drones, anti-ship cruise rockets, precision-strike ballistic rockets and medium-range rockets to the Houthis, who began targeting industrial vessels in November in uniformity with Palestinians in Gaza, the sources stated.

IRGC leaders and consultants are likewise supplying knowledge, information and intelligence assistance to identify which of the lots of vessels taking a trip through the Red Sea every day are predestined for Israel and make up Houthi targets, all the sources stated.

Washington stated last month that Iran was deeply associated with preparing operations versus shipping in the Red Sea which its intelligence was vital to make it possible for the Houthis to target ships.

In reaction to an ask for remark for this story, the White Home indicated its previous public remarks about how Iran has actually been supporting the Houthis.

In his weekly press conference, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani has actually consistently rejected Tehran is associated with the Red Sea attacks by the Houthis. The IRGC public relations workplace did not react to ask for remark.

Houthi representative Mohammed Abdulsalam rejected any Iranian or Hezbollah participation in assisting to direct the Red Sea attacks. A Hezbollah representative did not react to an ask for remark.

The Houthis, who emerged in the 1980s as an armed group in opposition to Saudi Arabia’s Sunni spiritual impact in Yemen, state they are supporting Hamas by striking industrial ships they state are either connected to Israel or are heading to Israeli ports.

Their attacks have actually impacted international shipping in between Asia and Europe through the Bab al-Mandab strait off Yemen. That has actually activated U.S. and British air campaign on Houthi targets in the nation, opening a brand-new theatre of dispute connected to the war in Gaza.

The Gaza dispute has actually likewise triggered clashes in between Israel and Hezbollah militants along the Lebanese border, along with attacks by Iran-linked groups on U.S. targets in Iraq and Syria.

” The Revolutionary Guards have actually been assisting the Houthis with basic training (on sophisticated weapons),” an Iranian expert informed Reuters. “A group of Houthi fighters remained in Iran last month and were trained in an IRGC base in main Iran to get knowledgeable about the brand-new innovation and making use of rockets.”

The individual stated Iranian leaders had actually taken a trip to Yemen also and establish a command centre in the capital Sanaa for the Red Sea attacks which is being run by the senior IRGC leader accountable for Yemen.


The Red Sea attacks harmonize Iran’s method of broadening and mobilising its local Shi’ite network of armed militias to predict its impact and reveal its capability to threaten maritime security in the area and beyond, 2 experts stated.

They stated Tehran wished to reveal that the Gaza war might be too expensive for the West if it drags out – and might have disastrous repercussions in the area as things intensify.

” The Houthis are not acting individually,” stated Abdulaziz al-Sager, director of the Gulf Proving ground think-tank, who based his conclusion on a close analysis of the abilities of the group, which has actually an approximated 20,000 fighters.

” The Houthis, with their workers, proficiency and abilities are not that advanced. Lots of vessels cross through Bab al-Mandab daily, the Houthis do not have the ways, resources, understanding or satellite info to discover the particular target and attack,” he stated.

White Home nationwide security spokesperson Adrienne Watson likewise stated last month that Iranian-provided tactical intelligence had actually been vital in making it possible for the Houthis to target ships.

According to 2 previous Yemeni army sources, there is a clear existence of IRGC and Hezbollah members in Yemen. They are accountable for monitoring military operations, training and reassembling rockets smuggled into Yemen as different pieces, the 2 individuals stated.

Abdulghani Al-Iryani, a senior scientist at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Researches, an independent think-tank, stated: “It is plainly the case that the Iranians are assisting determine the target and the location. There is no regional Houthi capability to do that.”

One senior local source who follows Iran and who spoke on condition of privacy stated: “The political choice remains in Tehran, the management is Hezbollah, and the area is the Houthis in Yemen.”


Houthi representative Abdulsalam stated the group’s goal was to target Israeli ships heading to Israel without triggering any human or considerable product losses. U.S. and British strikes on Yemen would not require them to pull back, he stated.

” We do not reject that we have a relationship with Iran which we have actually gained from the Iranian experience in training and military production and abilities however the choice taken by Yemen is an independent one that has absolutely nothing to do with any other celebration,” he stated.

However a security authorities near Iran stated: “The Houthis have drones, rockets and whatever required for their battle versus Israel however they required assistance and suggestions on shipping paths and ships, so it has actually been supplied to them by Iran.”

When asked what sort of suggestions Tehran provided, he stated it resembled the advisory function taken by Iran in Syria, varying from training to supervising operations when required.

” A group of Iranian Guards members remain in Sanaa now to assist the operations,” the security authorities stated.

Iran sent out numerous Revolutionary Guards to Syria, together with countless Hezbollah fighters, to assist train and arrange Shi’ite militia fighters from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan to avoid the failure of President Bashar al-Assad throughout the Sunni-led revolt that emerged in 2011.

Washington and Gulf Arab states have actually consistently implicated Iran of equipping, training and funding the Houthis, who follow a spin-off of Shi’ite Islam and are lined up with Tehran as part of its anti-Western, anti-Israel “Axis of Resistance” together with Lebanon’s Hezbollah and groups in Syria and Iraq.

While Iran has actually rejected having any direct function in the Red Sea attacks, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has actually applauded the Houthis, whose Zaidi sect is a spin-off of Shi’ism, stating he hoped their strikes would last “till triumph”.


A leader within the union of pro-Iranian groups rejected there were any leaders from the IRGC or Hezbollah on the ground in Yemen today.

He stated a group of Iranian and Hezbollah military specialists had actually gone to Yemen previously in its civil war to train, gear up and construct the production military ability of the Houthis.

“They came and assisted the Houthis and left, simply as they finished with Hezbollah and Hamas,” he stated, including that the military abilities of the Houthis must not be ignored.

The individual stated the Houthis understood the surface and the sea well and currently had the systems in location for assaulting ships, consisting of high-precision devices from Iran.

Throughout the disorderly years after the 2011 Arab Spring uprising in Yemen, the Houthis tightened their grip on the nation’s north and took the capital Sanaa in 2014, pressing a Saudi-led union to step in militarily months later on.

When Hamas assaulted Israel, Iran had little option however to show assistance for the Palestinian group after years of anti-Israel rhetoric however was stressed that utilizing Hezbollah would activate enormous Israeli retaliation, experts stated.

Iryani at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Researches stated a significant war in between Israel and Hezbollah would be dreadful for Lebanon – and threaten the future of the group that has actually ended up being the most crucial in Iran’s “Axis of Resistance”.

By contrast, the Houthis remained in a special tactical position to have a big effect by interrupting international maritime activity with little effort, he stated.


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