The Be Peaceful! Dark Rock Pro 5 CPU Cooler Evaluation: When Less Is More

Last month we had a look at Be Quiet’s Dark Rock Elite, the business’s flagship CPU tower air cooler. The RGB LED-equipped cooler showed fancy in more methods than one, however real to its nature as a flagship item, it likewise brought a $115 cost to match. Which is definitely not unearned, however it makes the Elite difficult to validate when matching it with more mainstream CPUs, particularly as these chips do not shake off the exact same chart-topping levels of heat as their flagship equivalents.

Acknowledging the minimal audience for a $100+ cooler, Be Peaceful! is likewise providing what is basically a downmarket variation of that cooler with the Dark Rock Pro 5. Making use of the exact same standard heatsink style as the Dark Rock Elite as its base, the Dark Rock Pro 5 cut down on a few of the bells and whistles that are discovered on the flagship Elite in order to cost a lower cost while still acting as a high-end cooler. Amongst these modifications are eliminating the RGB lighting, and utilizing basic wire fan installs in location of the Elite’s cool rails. Completion outcome is that it enables the Dark Rock Pro 5 to strike a significantly lower cost point of $80, putting it within the budget plans of more system home builders, and making it a more useful pairing total with mainstream CPUs.

However maybe the most crucial element of all is a basic one: cooling efficiency. What does the Dark Rock Pro 5 quit in cooling efficiency in order to strike its lower cost? As we’ll see in this evaluation, the response to that is “remarkably bit,” making the Dark Rock Pro 5 an extremely fascinating option for mid-to-high end CPUs. Especially for system home builders trying to find a specifically peaceful CPU cooler.

Be Peaceful! Dark Rock Pro 5 CPU Cooler Requirements
Type Tower Cooler
Measurements 120 x 136 x 168

1 x 135 mm “Quiet Wings” Fan
1700RPM (max)

1 x 120 mm “Quiet Wings 4” Fan

2000 RPM (max)

Supported Sockets Intel: LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x


Service Warranty 3 Years
Rate $ 80

Product Packaging & & Package

The Be Peaceful! Dark Rock Pro 5 exists in the brand name’s particular smooth black cardboard product packaging, a constant style style throughout their line of product. The product packaging is downplayed, offering important information about the cooler and consists of a QR code on the side for access to more extensive info. Its robust building and construction, matched by extra cardboard inserts, ensures the security of the cooler throughout shipping.

Upon unpacking, the Dark Rock Pro 5’s product packaging exposed the important installing hardware and clear guidelines, representing Be Peaceful!’s simple product packaging approach. This method focuses on core parts without unneeded additions. The supplied installing hardware supports a broad spectrum of CPU sockets, rendering the Dark Rock Pro 5 suitable with a number of Intel (1700/ 1200/ 115x) and AMD (AM5/ AM4) processors. In addition, Be Peaceful! attentively consists of a long screwdriver to help with simple setup of the cooler.

The Be Peaceful! Dark Rock Pro 5 CPU Cooler

The Dark Rock Pro 5 differentiates itself within its classification through a considerable tower CPU cooler style. It includes 7 high-performance 6 mm copper heat pipelines, created to effectively move heat from the base to the double extensive fin ranges. The cooler’s height is a noteworthy 168 mm (6.4 inches), making its compatibility a factor to consider even for bigger ATX cases. In addition, the Dark Rock Pro 5 weighs simply under 1.3 kg, a large weight that all-but-requires eliminating the cooler from a system before transferring it to prevent prospective damage.

Left: Dark Rock Pro 5/ Right: Dark Rock Elite

An essential function of the Dark Rock Pro 5 is its special black finishing embedded with ceramic particles. This finishing not just improves the cooler’s visual however is likewise thought to enhance heat transfer effectiveness. While the particular effect on heat transfer abilities is not validated, the quality of the finishing is indisputable, covering nearly the totality of the cooler and adding to its smooth, contemporary appearance. This customized finishing serves an useful function also, safeguarding the copper parts from oxidation and therefore maintaining the cooler’s look gradually.

The standard styles of the Dark Rock Pro 5 and the Dark Rock Elite are rather comparable total. However there are a couple of crucial distinctions in between them to make them unique items– functions that didn’t make it from the Elite to enable the Pro 5 to strike a lower cost. To begin with, the front fan size of the Dark Rock Pro 5 is 120 mm, versus the bigger 135 mm fan of the Dark Rock Elite. The keeping system for those fans is likewise simply a basic wire system this time around, instead of the fancier rail system used in the Dark Rock Elite. Though to be sure, the setup height of the fan can still be changed with the Dark Rock Pro 5, simply not as just and efficiently as the rail style enables. And lastly, when it concerns aesthetic appeals, the Dark Rock Pro 5 does not integrate the RGB lighting discovered on its premium brother or sister.

On the consumption side of the Dark Rock Pro 5, the fins are tactically recessed, a style option targeted at minimizing turbulence sound. This efficiently minimizes the sound produced by the cooler while still maintaining its air flow effectiveness. Likewise, the fins near the center fan on both sides are likewise somewhat recessed, even more assisting in sound decrease. The fins on the exhaust side show an uneven style, most likely carried out to boost aerodynamic efficiency, therefore enhancing air blood circulation and heat dissipation. In addition, the lower part of the fin ranges is purposefully reduced, making sure compatibility with VRM heatsinks discovered on a range of motherboards. While this change somewhat decreases the heat transfer area, it significantly improves the cooler’s compatibility with various motherboard designs and setups, accomplishing a balance in between effectiveness and flexibility.

The base of the Dark Rock Pro 5 is more intricate than basic tower cooler styles. Be Peaceful! has actually crafted the base to work as a mini heatsink. Although this may not cause a considerable efficiency increase, it helps in dissipating a specific quantity of thermal energy, somewhat improving the cooler’s total effectiveness. The heat pipelines of the cooler make direct contact with the CPU shim, enhancing heat transfer. Unlike some designs, it does not included a pre-applied thermal pad, however the nickel-plated base is created for compatibility with high-performance thermal substances, consisting of liquid metal thermal greases. This method, while needing more cautious application, permits exceptional thermal conductivity, accommodating lovers who choose tailoring their thermal user interface product.

A specifying function of the Dark Rock Pro 5 is its Quiet Wings PWM fans, which are a trademark of Be Peaceful!’s concentrate on peaceful efficiency. These fans are incorporated with sophisticated motors and airflow-optimized blades, making sure effective heat dissipation. Their operation speed differs depending upon the mode picked, with an optimal speed of 2000/1700 RPM (120/135 mm fan) in efficiency mode. Setting the fans in peaceful mode lowers their optimum speed down to 1500/1300 RPM respectively. Users can quickly change the cooler’s mode by means of a physical switch discovered under the magnetic leading cover of the cooler– nevertheless, we recommend setting the cooler at efficiency mode and changing the habits of the fans by means of software/BIOS settings, which does not set a difficult limitation on the cooler’s capacity.

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