Heavy rains in Thoothukudi triggers extreme damage to salt stock worth 100 crore

Almost 6 lakh tonnes of salt 100 crore worth has actually been removed in the seaside district of Thoothukudi due to the unprecedent rains experienced on December 17 and 18. The salt were prepared to be despatched to different customers in India and abroad.

The natural disaster had dreadful damage to lives and homes right from Kanyakumari to Vaalinokkam in southern Tamil Nadu. Such a destruction had actually not taken place in the last century, stated salt producers.

Almost 4 lakh individuals reliant – straight and indirectly – on Thoothukudi’s salt market in the southern district of Tamil Nadu remain in alarming straits, and require to wait up until next season – from March to September – to begin making, stated producers.

Market characteristics.

The salt market at Thoothukudi covers around 20,000 acres with almost 1,200 producers 1,200 each year producing almost 20 lakh tonnes. While direct work in the salt production is around 35,000, indirectly, the market utilizes around 3,00,000. Over 1.75 lakh member of the family depend on the market, stated sources.

The North East Monsoon seasonal rains of December 2023 developed into an unmatched rainstorm on 17 and 18 with Thoothukudi taping a rains in excess of 90 cm in 24 hr, 2nd greatest in the Country. Almost 4 months stock of salt was removed, stated Michael Motha, Handling Director, Sahayamatha Salterns Pvt Ltd and Past Chairman, CII, Thoothukudi. “I have actually not seen such havoc to salt operates in my life time,” he included.

Contributing to the torment, the downpour integrated with the excess water circulation from Thamiraparani river breached the bunds of lakes and waterbodies of the district causing flash floods throughout the district. This natural disaster has actually triggered devastating damage to our lives and salt pans at Thoothukudi.

As salt pans throughout the district stay swamped, salt kept in loads, motor sets, field partitions, drying location, internal roadways, employees’ homes, electrical poles and circulation lines and all our fundamental facilities were totally removed in this devastating flood.


The Tuticorin Small Scale Salt Manufacturers Association has actually advised the Union Financing Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to offer restorative steps by offering a grant of 1,50,000 per acre to all salt pan owners to re-coup the losses and a moratorium of principal and interest payment on all credit centers availed by salt producers till March 2024. The minister checked out Thoothukudi on Tuesday to analyze the circumstance on the damages brought on by the rain and the subsequent flooding.

The association’s president D Chandra Menon in a letter to the minister asked for speedy action by the Central and State Federal government firms to bring back the facilities harmed by the floods. He likewise advised extension of the due date for submitting GST and other statutory returns for a duration of 3 months. No late cost, charge or interest need to be charged by the Federal government authorities, he stated.

It is approximated that desilting of salt pans, preparation of salt tanks and condensers will cost a minimum of 3 times the real guy hour effort and expense thereof. The production season is anticipated to start after a hold-up of 3 months in April 2024. This would even more reduce the production time readily available in 2024 causing reducing yield from the salt pans, he stated.


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