Google discusses how Drive users might bring back lost files

Some Google Drive users reported online that they were missing months worth of files A lot of mentioned that they lost months worth of files from one day to the next. It took Google a couple of days to verify that “a little subset” of Google Drive users was impacted by the problem.

Google has actually now determined the hidden problem that triggered the loss of apply for users. The perpetrator, according to Google, is Drive for Desktop. Google Drive for desktop variation to might trigger the problem for gadgets running Microsoft Windows or macOS.

Google published directions to bring back lost files that impacted Drive users might follow. A brand-new assistance page lists 3 choices that users have at their disposal to handle the problem and recuperate their files.

  • Recuperate files from backup from the Drive for desktop app
  • Advanced: Recuperate files from backup utilizing the command line user interface
  • Extra fixing choices for information healing

Recuperate files from backup from the Drive for desktop app

Google Drive Recover Backup

This is most likely the simplest alternative for the majority of users. Here are the necessary actions:

  1. Download and set up the most recent variation of Drive for desktop for Windows or macOS
  2. Run Drive for the desktop.
  3. Open the Drive user interface with a click the icon.
  4. Hold down the Shift-key and left-click on the Settings icon in the Drive user interface.
  5. Select “Recuperate from backups”. One of 2 things occurs next:
    1. Healing has actually begun. This begins the remediation procedure of the files, which is great. There might still be problems connected to disk area, however if you have enough totally free storage, the files ought to be brought back.
    2. No backups discovered. The files can’t be brought back utilizing in this manner.

The other choices

Rather of attempting to bring back Google Drive submits utilizing the approach explained above, you might likewise attempt to bring back backups from the command line.

Google recommends to run the following command on Windows after ensuring that the Drive for desktop software application is not running any longer: “C: Program FilesGoogleDrive File Streamlaunch.bat”– recover_from_account_backups

Users on macOS require to run the following command in Terminal rather after closing Google Drive: “/ Applications/Google Contents/MacOS/Google Drive”
— recover_from_account_backups

If this approach stops working too, you might still have the ability to bring back information from an os backup.

Here is how that is done on Windows:

  1. Open the following directory site in Explorer: %USERPROFILE% AppDataLocalGoogle
  2. Right click DriveFS -> > Residences -> > Previous Variations tab.
  3. If a previous variation is readily available, choose the most recent variation before the Drive for desktop account was detached. Then click the dropdown beside the [Restore] button and choose [Restore to …]
  4. Select a location folder and conserve the DriveFS directory site there.
  5. The brought back DriveFS folder can now be utilized to recuperate Drive files utilizing the command line user interface.

And this is the macOS detailed guide:

  1. Open a brand-new Finder window.
  2. In the menu bar at the top of the screen open the “Go” menu and click “Go to Folder”.
  3. Copy and paste the following into package ~/ Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS
  4. Follow the actions at Restore products supported with Time Device on Mac – Apple Assistance to bring back any folders with 21-digit names that have actually been erased.
  5. Continue with the actions to utilize the Drive healing tool to recuperate your files.

Closing Words

Impacted Google Drive users might have the ability to restore their files from a backup. Users who attempted to repair the problem by detaching their accounts or erasing caches might not have the ability to restore their files.

Now You: were you impacted by the Drive problem? Did among the techniques restore your files? (by means of Deskmodder)


Google explains how Drive users may restore lost files

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Google discusses how Drive users might bring back lost files


Google has actually released directions for Google Drive users impacted by an information loss problem that might bring back lost files.


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