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(*) Sydney, Australia (ABN Newswire) – Tidy lithium designer (*) Lake Resources( *) NL (( *) ASX: LKE( *)) (FRA: LK1) (OTCMKTS: (*) LLKKF( *)) is happy to supply an upgraded resource price quote for the Kachi lithium salt water Task (” Kachi” or the “Task”) in Catamarca Province, Argentina. (*) The upgraded resource price quote is based upon continued hydrogeological characterization given that the last upgrade in June 2023 and improved analyses of the hydrostratigraphy, hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry. (*)- Deeper drilling to 600 m bgs has actually caused substantially bigger resource price quotes. (*)- Determined and Suggested Resources have actually increased from 2.9 to 7.3 Mt of lithium carbonate comparable specified to a depth of 600 meters over 143.8 square kilometres. (*)- The upgraded overall resource price quote goes beyond 10.6 Mt of lithium carbonate equivalent. (*)- Previous screening verified extremely beneficial subsurface conditions for both lithium extraction and injection in the main resource location where the determined and shown resources are found. (*)- Surrounding the Measured and Indicated Resources are Inferred Resources of 3.3 Mt lithium carbonate comparable specified over 130.9 km2. (*)- K24D41 in the southern sector converged a few of the greatest lithium concentrations drilled to date at the job, returning grades of 180-348 mg/L lithium over 445 metres (166 – 610 metres) with approximately 267 mg/L. (*)- Deeper drilling at K23D40 in the northern sector converged grainy alluvial fan products and balanced 228 mg/L over 322 meters with an optimum of 254 mg/L. This hole is 3.5 km northwest of K22R39. (*) This resource upgrade specifies the Mineral Resources to be utilized in the hydrogeologic design for the upcoming first reserve price quote and will be the basis for the Task Stage 1 Definitive (*) Expediency Research Study( *) (DFS) anticipated in December 2023. (*)” Our extensive hydrogeological characterization program over the in 2015 and half has actually caused considerable enhancements in our understanding of the geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry of the Carachi Pampa Basin,” stated Mr. Michael Gabora, Director of Geology and Hydrogeology of (*) Lake Resources( *). (*) The resource upgrade includes the vertically extensive lithium intersects of the last 6 months and consists of extraordinary lithology and lithium concentrations converged at K24D41. (*) The footprint of the lithium salt water level has actually been growing considerably to the north, south and crucial vertically. (*) The consistency of the lithium concentration and salt water chemistry in the brand-new action out holes shows how well the salt water has actually flowed and blended within the basin. (*) The brand-new outcomes construct on the strong performance history of continued resource development given that the first resource price quote initially revealed in November 2018. (*)” Our enhanced hydrogeologic understanding of the system will enable us to establish an ideal extraction and healing method to permit accountable advancement of tidy lithium in the basin while reducing the intake of water and related hydrologic effects,” Mr. Gabora stated. (*) In Lake’s resource upgrade on June 15, 2023, the Business reported that future drilling was targeting extra action out holes and checking out the much deeper resource beyond 400 metres listed below ground surface area, the previous optimum depth drilled at website. A subsequent upgrade on August 22, 2023 offered highlights from drillhole K23D40, the very first hole at the Task drilled beyond 430 metres listed below ground surface area, to an overall depth of 610 metres listed below ground surface area, which determined lithium salt water over 322 m, returning grades of 209-254 mg/L. (*) Borehole K24D41 is the 2nd hole that shows lithium salt water to depths of over 600 m. K24D41 has grades of 180-348 mg/L lithium over 445 metres (166 – 610 metres), with approximately 267 mg/L. (*) Extra surface area geophysical studies have actually been extremely complementary to the step-out and much deeper drillholes. (*) Current extra passive seismic studies have, in mix with previous passive seismic studies, specified the density of unconsolidated sediments hosting the salt water. (*) Drilling intercepts of the top of the basement rock (bedrock) surface area at 2 areas has actually even more enhanced the self-confidence in the dependability of the passive seismic information. (*) Short-term electro-magnetic (TEM) studies were just recently finished throughout the salar and surrounding location, which revealed the salt water body is much bigger than preliminary price quotes and continues well beyond the presently specified resource. Step-out drilling and historic drilling and screening outcomes show that the TEM studies are trustworthy indications of the existence of lithium bearing salt water in the basin. (*) The Kachi Task has actually revealed continuous boosts in mineral resource price quotes (Figure 1 *) given that the first resource price quote of 4.4 Mt of included lithium carbonate equivalent in Inferred and Suggested classifications was revealed in November 2018: (*)- The resource was substantially updated in January 2023 with a Measured and Indicated Resource of 2.2 Mt of lithium carbonate comparable and around 3.1 Mt of lithium carbonate comparable as Presumed mineral resources. (*)- The overall resource was once again increased in June 2023 with more than 2.9 Mt of lithium carbonate equivalent in Measured and Suggested and around 5.2 Mt of lithium carbonate equivalent in the Presumed classification for an overall resource price quote of more than 8.1 Mt of lithium carbonate equivalent. (*)- The overall resource boost recorded in this upgrade is 7.3 Mt lithium carbonate comparable Measured and Indicated Resource with 3.3 Mt lithium carbonate equivalent of Inferred Resource for an overall resource price quote of over 10.6 Mt lithium carbonate equivalent (Figure 1 and Table 1 *). Figure 2 and Figure 3 * present resource locations. (*)- Pumping and Injection screening detailed in August 2023 showed that the lithium tank in the resource location is permeable which efficient wells can be drilled and built for extraction and injection. (*) * To see tables and figures, please see: (*) https://abnnewswire.net/lnk/JI8DI2CS (*) About (*) Lake Resources( *) NL: (*) Lake Resources( *) NL (( *) ASX: LKE( *)) (OTCMKTS: (*) LLKKF( *)) is a tidy lithium designer using advanced ion exchange extraction innovation for production of sustainable, high pureness lithium from its flagship Kachi Task in Catamarca Province within the Lithium Triangle in Argentina amongst 3 other jobs covering 220,000 ha. (*) This ion exchange extraction innovation provides a service for 2 increasing needs – high pureness battery products to prevent efficiency concerns, and more sustainable, properly sourced products with low carbon footprint and considerable ESG advantages. (*) Source: (*) Lake Resources( *) NL (*).

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