Google Fiber Evaluation: A Premium Service Great for Gig Web


Google Fiber house web

Item information.

  • Rate variety

    $70 – $100 each month

  • Speed variety

    1,000 – 2,000 Mbps

  • Connection


  • Emphasizes

    Endless information, no agreements, devices consisted of

Nobody goes to a good steakhouse since it’s low-cost. Quality takes top priority over cost and, although you might have invested less elsewhere, the experience more than validates the expense. The exact same can be stated about Google Fiber web.

The fiber-optic company has among the greatest beginning costs of any leading ISP at $70 each month, however considering what you get– balanced upload and download accelerate to a gig, totally free devices and unrestricted information— the expense is rather affordable. In truth, Google Fiber strategies have probably the very best worth you’ll discover from any significant ISP.

I reside in a Google Fiber city ( Charlotte, North Carolina) however my address is sadly out of the company’s service location. The just recently resumed Google Fiber growth might ultimately bring the ISP to my address, and I’ll think about registering if it does, since the worth is too excellent to skip.

Google Fiber logo displayed on a phone sitting on a pick background

Sarah Tew/CNET

As one who values high-speed web and wants to pay a little bit more for it, I ‘d state Google Fiber deserves having a look at. Couple Of fiber companies match Google Fiber’s speed capacity, not to mention service from cable television or DSL companies You’ll wish to think about more than speed when buying web service in your location, however, so here’s a complete rundown of what you can anticipate from Google Fiber.

Google Fiber protection

Google Fiber’s schedule is no place near competing fiber companies like AT&T, Verizon Fios or CenturyLink, however it uses service in some fairly big city locations.

FCC map of Google Fiber coverage nationwide

Google Fiber is offered in 21 markets and growing with 7 extra areas functional for Google Webpass.


Kansas City and Huntsville, Alabama have the most substantial Google Fiber protection, however service can likewise be discovered in parts of Mesa, Arizona; Orange County, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte and the Raleigh/Durham location of North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Austin and San Antonio, Texas; Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah; and now likewise West Des Moines, Iowa.

Google Fiber growth continues

The list of cities that have access to Google Fiber is growing, as is the schedule in markets where Google Fiber is presently.

Undoubtedly, Google Fiber is still offered to less than 1% of United States citizens, according to the most current information from the Federal Communications Commission That stated, there are favorable indications of development

and the fast growth continues in existing markets and brand-new ones like Lakewood, Colorado

Moreover (and motivating to a suburbanite like myself), Google Fiber reveals indications of growth outside significant city limitations. For instance, Google Fiber is set to broaden into Concord and Matthews, North Carolina, 2 Charlotte residential areas I would not have actually anticipated to see such a premium service.

I’m still waiting on Google Fiber to reach me a little additional south of Charlotte, however if it’s offered in your location or where you’re transferring to, here’s what you can anticipate as far as strategies and service information are worried.

Google Fiber strategies and service information

Google Fiber has 2 to 4 strategy alternatives depending where you live: 1Gbps or 2Gbps, plus brand-new 5Gbps and 8Gpbs strategies. The latter 2 are presently just offered in choose locations, though a Google Fiber representative has actually validated with CNET that the company intends to present both strategies to all markets later on in the year.

Select cities– particularly Chicago, Denver, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco

, Seattle and Oakland, California— have access to Google Webpass, a high-speed set cordless web service comparable to Starry Web There’s just one strategy offered with Google Webpass, gigabit service, however more affordable rates might be offered if your structure’s network can’t support gigabit speeds.

Google Fiber strategies

Strategy Regular monthly cost Max speeds Devices expense Information cap Agreement
1 Gig $ 70 1,000 Mbps download, 1,000 Mbps upload None None None
2 Gig $ 100 2,000 Mbps download, 1,000 Mbps upload None None None
5 Gig $ 125 5,000 Mbps download, 5,000 Mbps upload None None None
8 Gig $ 150 8,000 Mbps download, 8,000 Mbps upload None None None
Google Webpass $ 70, or $63 with an annual strategy 1,000 Mbps download, 1,000 Mbps upload None None None

More and more affordable strategy alternatives would be great (Google Fiber formerly used a 100Mbps prepare for $50 each month), however I need to confess I like that gig service is the standard. As streaming in HD and 4K end up being the standard and we’re linking whatever from smart devices and tablets to speakers, thermostats and a variety of other gadgets to the web, prepares with speeds around and listed below 100Mbps are ending up being less useful, even if they are easier on the spending plan.

Returning to worth, Google Fiber strategies are in fact much better priced than the majority of, although no “low-cost” alternative is offered. At $70 each month, Google Fiber’s gig service is priced lower than fiber companies AT&T, Frontier and Verizon Fios and cable television ISPs consisting of Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity Then there’s the $100 each month 2Gbps prepare, which is still more affordable than what some companies charge for a single gig service.

A great sign of worth is the expense per Mbps, which you can discover for any web strategy by dividing the month-to-month cost by the max speeds. Google Fiber’s 1 Gig strategy begins at $70 each month for accelerate to 1,000 Mbps, which concerns an approximated expense per Mbps of 7 cents. The 2 Gig strategy is even lower at 5 cents per Mbps. A sub-dime expense per Mbps is typically an excellent web offer, and the expense per Mbps of Google Fiber prepares is on par with or lower than the majority of companies at any speed tier.

Google Fiber’s 8 Gig strategy, though not yet extensively offered, in fact boasts the most affordable expense per Mbps (less than 2 cents), of any significant company or strategy. It’s still a bit expensive at $150 each month, however the speeds you get more than validate the expense.

Simple rates without any included charges

Google Fiber does not have initial rates, so you do not need to stress over a looming cost boost after 12 months. That’s not to state the cost will never ever increase, however there’s no warranty that it will after a specific variety of months.

Furthermore, Google Fiber prepares included unrestricted information (so no excess charges) and no agreements with a necessary service length (so no early termination charges). Endless information and no agreements are ending up being more typical amongst ISPs. Still, some prominent companies will need you to sign a contract to get the most affordable rates or add $50 or more in excess charges for surpassing your information limitation.

No devices expenses, even for mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6 routers

Google Fiber router

Google Fiber

Google Fiber’s 1 Gig strategy features a Wi-Fi router and as much as 2 gain access to points, which extend the variety and protection of Wi-Fi service throughout your house, as much as around 3,000 square feet. You can buy more gain access to points for $100 each if you require extra protection. You likewise can utilize your own router, however viewing as how Google Fiber consists of one at no additional expense, I can’t think of why you ‘d wish to unless you require a high-grade router for severe video gaming or other specialized usages.

The 2 Gig strategy features a Multi-Gig Wi-Fi 6 router, the current offered Wi-Fi innovation and approximated to be approximately 30% faster than the previous Wi-Fi model. The innovation is amazing, however Wi-Fi routers can be a bit expensive, so it’s great that Google Fiber consists of one at no additional expense. Like with the 1 Gig strategy, Wi-Fi extenders are consisted of if required to guarantee whole-home Wi-Fi protection. There is no alternative to utilize your own devices with the 2 Gig strategy, however the gadget needs to be more than ideal for any basic house web usage.

How does Google Fiber compare to rivals?

If Google Fiber is offered in your location, it’s safe to presume you likewise have a cable television company and perhaps even another fiber company offered at your address. Because case, you’ll would like to know how Google Fiber compares.

Compared to other fiber companies– or truly any ISPs– Google Fiber will have a greater beginning cost. You’ll discover lower month-to-month beginning costs from AT&T Fiber ($ 55), CenturyLink ($ 30), Frontier Fiber ($ 60) and Verizon Fios ($ 50) however once again, it deserves keeping in mind that these more affordable strategies feature substantially lower speeds. If those speeds, usually around 200 to 300Mbps, suffice for your family, a more budget friendly strategy like what’s offered from AT&T or Verizon Fios might be your best option.

There’s probably no much better gig or 2-gig company

If you have an interest in gig service, Google Fiber will be difficult to beat, even amongst contending fiber companies. At $70 each month, the beginning rates for Google Fiber’s gig service is lower than AT&T, Frontier and Verizon ($ 80 to $90 each month). Lumen’s Quantum Fiber web, previously called CenturyLink Fiber, is the exact same at $70 each month, however the company presently does not use a 2-gig strategy or the exact same quality when it concerns Wi-Fi devices.

When it comes to comparing gig service from Google Fiber to cable television web companies like Spectrum or Xfinity, not just will Google Fiber most likely be more affordable, it’ll likely likewise be quicker (a minimum of the upload speeds will be) and more trusted. Fiber web typically provides balanced upload and download speeds, something cable television web can’t do. When it comes to Google Fiber’s 2 Gig strategy, you’ll get max upload speeds of 1,000 Mbps compared to max download speeds of 2,000 Mbps, however that’s still exceptionally quick.

Upload speeds with cable television web peak at around 50Mbps, so you will not get anywhere near the exact same upload speed capacity with cable television web service. The connection quality of a fiber connection is likewise usually much better than a cable television one, which can be prone to slowed speeds due to network blockage, specifically throughout peak use times.

ACSI 2023 rankings for US customer satisfaction with fiber internet service providers


Where does Google Fiber rank on client complete satisfaction?

In its newest report, the American Consumer Complete satisfaction Index apart fiber from nonfiber companies or services. The relocation permits ISPs such as AT&T, Frontier and Kinetic to identify client complete satisfaction in between its DSL and fiber-optic services. It likewise included Google Fiber to be consisted of in the general public outcomes, whereas it was formerly organized under “all others.”

Google Fiber scored a 76/100, a point above the classification average and a complete 10 points ahead of the average for nonfiber companies. AT&T Fiber and CenturyLink were the only companies called above Google Fiber, while Google Fiber scored above Frontier Fiber, Xfinity Fiber and veteran client complete satisfaction leader Verizon Fios.

Diving a little much deeper, I relied on the Bbb to examine the variety of grievances, if any, consumers had actually submitted versus Google Fiber. There were over 2,000 grievances submitted within the in 2015 alone. Nevertheless, as I learnt them, I discovered that the majority of had to do with other Google services, such as YouTube Premium and Google Advertisements, Google gadgets, or issues with digital material and product purchases. I could not discover a single problem particularly describing Google Fiber.

The bottom line on Google Fiber

If you have actually got the requirement for speed, there is maybe no much better company than Google Fiber– if, that is, service is offered in your location. Google Fiber has a few of the very best rates on gig service and beneficial service terms such as totally free devices leasing, unrestricted information and no agreement requirements, even more contributing to the worth. Nevertheless, the service isn’t for everybody, specifically those searching for a low-cost strategy under $50 each month. Make sure to think about all of your house web alternatives prior to devoting to one in specific.

Google Fiber.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Fiber have 5 Gig?

Google Fiber just recently presented a 5Gbps with balanced upload and download speeds in 4 of its 12 markets. The strategy is now offered in Mesa, Arizona; Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas; West Des Moines, Iowa; and Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah.

A Google Fiber representative validated with CNET that the company does prepare to present the 5 Gig strategy to other Google Fiber cities later on this year in addition to the brand-new 8Gbps prepare presently offered in Arizona and Iowa.

Is Google Fiber still broadening?

Yes. After a short time out in growth and taking out of Louisville, Kentucky, the company has resumed growth in all existing markets and some brand-new ones. The company just recently brought service to West Des Moines, Iowa, and began in 3 brand-new areas: Mesa, Arizona; Omaha, Nebraska; and Lakewood, Colorado.

A Google Fiber representative validated the growth efforts, mentioning the company is “developing on our objective to link more individuals to quick, trusted web in Google Fiber cities throughout the nation. Google Fiber building and construction groups are actively working to develop out our networks in every one of our existing Fiber cities, and we’re broadening to brand-new surrounding neighborhoods in a few of those cities.”

Google Fiber schedule is still extremely restricted– less than 1% of United States families are qualified for service– however the company is seeking to alter that with ongoing development in existing and brand-new markets.

Is Google Fiber the fastest web?

Google Fiber’s brand-new 8Gbps prepare definitely makes it among the fastest web companies, though not the outright fastest you might discover. Ziply Fiber just recently began using a 10Gbps strategy, and smaller sized, regional companies might use even quicker speeds in choose locations.

Google Fiber does, nevertheless, use the fastest entry-level strategy of any significant company. While lots of fiber-optic ISPs have strategies beginning at speeds of 200Mbps, 300Mbps or lower, Google Fiber’s “slowest” strategy uses balanced speeds of as much as 1,000 Mbps.

Is Google Fiber here to remain?

Thinking about current development in existing and brand-new markets, there’s no indicator that Google Fiber is going anywhere anytime quickly, aside from into brand-new families and cities.

The release of 2 brand-new 5Gbps and 8Gpbs prepares additional suggest that Google Fiber is intent on not just broadening its protection locations, however likewise its strategy choice and speed offerings.

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