SEPA advises companies to handle water sensibly as whole of Scotland impacted by shortage

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Below par rains for Might has actually resulted in a degrading water shortage scenario throughout Scotland, according to SEPA, with the Loch Maree location in the Highlands moving from Alert level to Moderate Deficiency.

The location has actually now reached the 2nd greatest threat level, as displayed in the weekly report released by the company on Thursday 1st June 2023.

In addition, the absence of rain and progressively dry ground conditions indicates 12 locations in the Northwest and Southern Central area are now experiencing in Alert level.

The majority of the remainder of the nation is now at Early Caution, with North Aberdeenshire the only location that stays at Typical Conditions for the time being.

The threat of water shortage is categorised in 4 levels– Early Caution, Alert, Moderate Deficiency and Substantial Deficiency.

Low rains and more dry weather condition to come
Scotland got just 44% of the long-lasting typical rains throughout the nation in Might. With little rains anticipated in the next week throughout Scotland, in the coming weeks the scenario might intensify rapidly, and extend throughout a much broader location.

The Loch Maree location in the Highlands has actually tape-recorded extended incredibly low river circulations. The surrounding locations of the Northwest Highlands, extending down to Loch Ness, are likewise experiencing extremely low river levels so have actually relocated to Alert level.

Locations in the Southern Central area that have actually increased to Alert level consist of the Clyde, parts of Dumfries and Galloway, and South Lanarkshire.

Head of Water and Preparation at SEPA, Nathan Critchlow-Watton, stated:

” The water shortage image in Scotland is simply among the repercussions of environment alter the nation deals with, and its frequency and seriousness is just most likely to increase in the future. This is an important season for water need, however without any rain in the projection we can not eliminate requiring to enforce constraints over the summertime.

” Abstractors should handle water sensibly in the coming weeks and months and need to currently have contingency strategies in location in case constraints are required to prevent long-lasting damage to the environment and fish populations

” Everyone have a duty in handling our water environment, this summertime and beyond. By utilizing water effectively, companies can increase their durability to the effects of extended dry conditions and conserve cash.”

Abstractors recommended to handle water sensibly

  • Examine SEPA’s site and routine water shortage reports so you understand the water scenario in your location.
  • Frequently inspect your abstraction devices to ensure it remains in excellent condition and repair any leakages quickly.
  • Where possible, lower the volume and rate of your abstractions.
  • Have a contingency strategy if suspensions are put in location: Have you any kept water offered? Can you change to an alternative source, if offered within your existing authorisation? Can you momentarily change to ground water?
  • Interact with neighbours and stagger abstractions to make finest usage of offered water.

Nathan Critchlow-Watton included:

” We wish to deal with companies to prepare their water use long-lasting so that we can protect this crucial resource as efficiently as possible. Not just will that safeguard Scotland’s rivers and lochs, however it will reduce company threats too.

” In the meantime, by taking the ideal actions now, abstractors can assist make water products last as long as possible through this duration.”

More guidance and assistance is offered at

SEPA states individuals can assist by reporting dry personal water products and rivers and burns in their location– particularly if there are pictures that will assist reveal the conditions. Distressed or dead fish or invertebrates, great deals of dead plants on parts of the riverbed that are hardly ever exposed and a great deal of exposed algae over 100s of metres, integrated with extremely low circulations are likewise essential to understand about. This will assist offer the very best possible understanding of the effects of dry weather condition. Info can be sent out to [email protected]

More info about possibly useful steps is offered on the company’s site at Water shortage in your location|Scottish Environment Defense Company (SEPA)

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