China et al – Episode 3

Mutton Export Summary May 2023

Given that the start of 2023 the Chinese customer has actually shown a pressing hunger for Aussie mutton. May 2023 saw mutton export volumes lift by 15% to 8,647 tonnes, making this the greatest May mutton exports on record for China. Thats the 5th successive month this year that the particular regular monthly record has actually been broken.

Compared to the 5 year typical pattern present regular monthly Aussie exports of mutton to China are running 147% above the Might average levels. Throughout the whole year, up until now, Chinese need for Aussie mutton has actually been running 84% above the seasonal typical pattern.

Exports to other locations (ex China and the U.S.A., typically the biggest markets for mutton exports) are likewise growing. This is especially real for Malaysia, that has actually changed the U.S.A. as 2nd leading area for Aussie mutton this year. Mutton exports to “other” locations increased 35% over Might to strike 10,201 tonnes swt.

Overall mutton exports climbed up 24% throughout May to reach 19,590 tonnes swt, which represents streams that are 81% greater than the five-year typical volumes seen exported in May.

Given that the start of 2023 typical regular monthly mutton exports have actually been around 17,200 tonnes compared to the 12,700 each month, usually, we have actually seen over the last 5 years throughout the Jan to May duration. This represents around 35% greater need for mutton this year compared to the five-year pattern.

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