PERK: Drone News – DJI Mavic Mini 2 Updates, DJI FPV Drone Preview, Is Your Drone Remote ID Compliant?

Our greatest story today has to do with DJI’s brand-new FPV drone. Our buddy, Osita LV just recently launched a brand-new picture of this soon-to-be-released FPV drone. Based on the current market reports, these are the specifications of this brand-new drone:

Challenge avoidance sensing unit

Ergonomic remote controller

Capability to shoot in 4K, 60 fps

Tune in to get more comprehensive info about specifications and release date.

Out next story has to do with drone remote-id. Now that the FAA has formally launched the brand-new drone remote-id guidelines, what actions can you require to guarantee compliance? Are all the more recent designs remote-id compliant? And, do you require to stress over these brand-new remote-id guidelines if you are flying a micro-drone less than 250 grams? We address all this and more in today’s program.

Other subjects covered in today’s program consist of Apple’s brand-new drone modem, Kenji’s Sugahara’s trademarked remote-id innovation, and some fascinating DJI Mavic Mini 2 updates. Tune in for a few of the current and most interesting drone news. Delight in!

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  • [01:23] Is your drone remote-id compliant?
  • [04:20] Will the FAA discover it tough to impose the brand-new remote-id guidelines?
  • [06:09] Apple’s brand-new drone modem to interact with and assist the Apple vehicle
  • [08:23] Kenji Sugahara, creator, and CEO of AriAscend granted a patent for remote-id drone innovation
  • [14:50] DJI’s brand-new FPV drone preview
  • [18:40] DJI to introduce brand-new FPV drone at CES 2021?
  • [19:32] DJI Mavic Mini 2 firmware upgrade even more boosts the abilities of this small powerhouse
  • [21:53] Does the lack of challenge avoidance on the DJI Mavic Mini 2 lead to consisted of security?
  • [22:20] Do you require to abide by the remote-id guidelines if you are flying a sub-250 gram drone?

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