Slack need, greater arrivals drag tea rates at Coonoor auctions

Lower need and increased arrivals combined with adjustment in the auction system dragged tea rates at Coonoor tea auctions, which experienced 4-5 kg drop in typical cost realisation.

The portion of tea offered in sale 20 was likewise down at 74 percent in the leaf classification compared to 86 percent in the previous sale, while the drop in dust sales was around 16 percent, traders stated.

The drop in typical cost realisation in dust sales was around 4 at 109 compared to 113 in the previous week.

Excellent quantity of withdrawals.

According to traders, tea rates in practically all ranges of teas have actually dropped with a great quantity of withdrawals.

They mentioned the adjustment in the auction system by the Tea Board as the factor for the down cost pattern despite the fact that it has actually been presented to accelerate the sales procedure.

Worldwide Tea Auctioneers stated the amount provided in leaf sale was 13,29,064 kg, while in dust it was 6,36,377 kg.

In CTC leaf, costly and much better liquoring sorts were lower by 6 to 8 with some withdrawals. The much better medium sorts were likewise much easier by 3 to 4 with reasonable withdrawals. The mediums were likewise lower by 4 to 5 with a reasonable quantity of teas being out-listed due to an absence of quotes.

In leaf orthodox, the main entire leaf grades were much easier by 6 to 8, and sometimes some quality lots offered dearer by 4 to 5. The brokens were lower by 4 to 5.

The costly and much better liquoring sorts in CTC dust were lower by 8 to 10 and more sometimes. The main orthodox dust grades were normally much easier by 5 to 6, while secondaries and finer dusts were hardly stable to much easier by 2 to 3 and more sometimes.


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