Is Predictive Analytics Changing The Future Of Mobile Phone Monitoring?

Predictive analytics technology continues to shape the world in surprising new ways. One of the trends that few people have talked about is the role of predictive analytics in the future of mobile phone tracking.

Mobile phone data has played a huge role in research. They have been especially important in behavioral research, according to a study published with the National Institute of Health.

The first mobile phone tracking tools were able to make a huge difference in preserving people?s state of mind. However, they were limited in the scope of their analytics. People had to draw their own conclusions while monitoring the behavior of someone using a phone. Predictive analytics could change that.

The Role of Mobile Phone Tracking Before the Emergence of Predictive Analytics and AI

When you look up to finding a solution to track a person’s cell phone location on the internet, a thousand results would appear before your screen. Questions like how to find a cell phone location and how to track a cell phone location without installing software have been frequently asked on different groups and forums.

These tracking tools rely extensively on big data and artificial intelligence. Newer AI algorithms make things a lot easier. They are evolving even further and will bring more benefits in the years to come.

Most of these questions? germ from the concerns of people who may have a different set of reasons to track cell phone location. A lot of concerned parents would want to find out where their kids usually go to after school or which places they usually visit with their friends on a frequent basis.

Then there are employers who would want to find out who their employees meet outside during the office hours because they would not want their company?s confidential information to be leaked. Last but not least, spouses would want to keep an eye on their partners? whereabouts in order to know if they are not being cheated in their relationship.

In all of these cases, it seems there is only one way anyone can find out what?s actually true and that is being able to instantly track the target person?s cell phone location without them knowing.

Predictive Analytics is Disrupting the Mobile Tracking Industry ? in a Good way

There are a number of new potential applications for mobile phone tracking, now that predictive analytics has reached the masses. One of the benefits is that new predictive analytics algorithms should be able to soon help people make better predictions about people?s behavior based on previous trajectories with known coordinates.

For example, if a high school student tends to go down a particular street, that could be an indication that he is on his way to visit his girlfriend. If the parents don?t want him seeing her, then they will want to get advance notice so they can start looking at his phone. Predictive analytics algorithms make it a lot easier to make these predictions.

Forecasting behavior with mobile data isn?t an exact science. It takes time to collect enough data to make these assumptions. However, since most people have their phones on them virtually all the time, it shouldn?t take more than a couple weeks to a month before predictive analytics algorithms will have enough data on these users to make these kinds of determinations.

The Predictive Analytics Era of Cell Phone Monitoring Solutions

Surely, with the latest technology, we have had the liberty of coming across several cell phone monitoring apps and cell phone trackers that have been solely designed for this very purpose. There are several apps that use big data to help you track your target?s cell phone location secretly and within minutes. However, majority of them come with their own set of problems: some turn out to be bogus, some require you to perform a jailbreak, and some ask you to fill out online surveys in order to track a person’s cell phone location.

In other instances, they may also ask you to download a third-party software or app into your phone or ask you to open a certain web link on your device. Now, these activities may be risky because you never know if the third-party app contains malicious content or the web link may inject malware into your device. Therefore, you should be avoiding such solutions altogether.

After reading this information, you must be wondering how a cell phone monitoring app would still be able to find someone?s cell phone location despite having a number of problems. A cell phone monitoring app does work effectively and perform its job of finding someone?s location given it comes from a trustworthy company and has a good repute in the market. This will be very useful when these algorithms are merged with predictive analytics technology.

A cell phone monitoring app is considered to be genuine and effective if it does not ask you to: download a third-party app/software on your device; open a certain web link to complete the process; fill out the online survey to provide them with your human verification, or perform a jailbreak. If you?re not using the right cell phone monitoring app then you may increase the chance of getting caught and even expose the target phone to malware or other malicious viruses.

Finding Cell Phone Location Via a Monitoring App

The majority of the cell phone monitoring apps would require you to install the app into the target phone in order to help you find their current phone location. Finding someone?s cell phone location without installing software may work for iPhones but it won?t work for the Android phones.

No physical access is required for iPhones while finding their cell phone location. All you need is access to their iTunes credentials so you are able to login into their Apple account and find their location using the ?Find My iPhone? feature.

However, with an Android phone, you must have physical access to the target phone. In case your target has an Android phone, then you need physical access to their phone only for a few minutes so you?re able to deploy the cell phone monitoring app successfully into their device.

How Does a Monitoring App Find Someone?s Cell Phone Location?

A cell phone monitoring app helps you find someone?s cell phone location secretly. All you need to do is download the cell phone monitoring app from the official website and then get it installed on the target cell phone. The minute the app is installed, you will receive credentials for your online dashboard from where you will be able to remotely track your target?s cell phone location within minutes.

What actually happens is, after the cell phone monitoring app is deployed on the target phone, it starts tracking their cell phone location. Some monitoring apps track the location using GPS while some do without the GPS. On the other hand, there are some that help you track your target?s cell phone location with and without using GPS technology.

Wherever your target goes, whatever places they visit, all the information regarding their whereabouts will be recorded and logged by the cell phone monitoring app at different intervals and then the same information will be shared with you on your online dashboard. Basically, all your questions regarding how to tap a cell phone will be answered using a cell phone monitoring app.

Another reason why using a cell phone monitoring app is considered beneficial is because it lets you sneak into someone?s cell phone and helps you finding their current phone location without them knowing. Yes, there is a good chance your target may not be able to know that their location is being tracked by you.

For your understanding, let?s give you an example. Suppose your target is using an Android phone and you want to keep a track of their cell phone location. Somehow, you will get hands on their phone to be able to install the cell phone monitoring app on it. Once installed, you will open the Applications list on their phone and hide the cell phone monitoring app icon so it does not remain visible to the target.

After the icon has been hidden, your target won?t be able to find out about the monitoring app being installed on their phone and as a result, they won?t be able to tamper with it. This way you will be able to secretly track their cell phone location without making them suspicious or apprehensive.

Predictive Analytics Changes the Future of Mobile Phone Tracking

Predictive analytics is changing the future of mobile phone tracking in countless ways. It is going to play a very important role in forecasting people?s behavior in ways that contemporary mobile tracking devices are unable to do.

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