Sharing a Netflix password in the UK “may be committing a crime”, according to its copyright office

It’s fun to speculate what today’s children will tell their grandkids in the future when they’re complaining about how soft the modern generation is. Instead of recounting tales wherein they trudged through miles of snow to go to school, they’ll brag about never missing a Zoom call for class. 

“Back in my day, we had to play video games with our hands. And sometimes your wrist would lock up, and you couldn’t play for a day or two. Nowadays, you kids have your telepathic video games. You wouldn’t last a second in the Fortnite days.”

One curve ball I didn’t expect was how modern children would presumably reminisce about sharing their passwords for streaming services in the future. According to Newsweek, it’s now a crime to share your Netflix password in the UK. You have to wonder how long it’ll be before a high-profile case of a password-sharing ring becomes a Netflix original series. 

Sharing a password for a streaming service such as Netflix could land you in hot water in the United Kingdom.

The country’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) issued guidance on December 19 that said “accessing… apps without paying a subscription is an infringement of copyright and you may be committing a crime.”

The IPO made the statement in an announcement about its joint campaign with Meta—formerly known as Facebook— to give guidance to people to avoid pirated and counterfeit goods online.”Piracy is a major issue for the entertainment and creative industries,” it wrote on its website.

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