8 Reasons to Shop Sustainable Alternatives

With so many conversations about climate change, green energy and a cleaner planet, it can feel foreboding or even overwhelming trying to determine how you can do your part. Shopping sustainable alternatives for your normal, everyday items can help you make an impact in small yet meaningful ways. If you’ve never thought about shopping sustainably, or you’re unsure whether it’s worth your while, here are some reasons why you should start shopping sustainably today!

1. It’s more cost-efficient in the long run

While prices for sustainable items might seem expensive at first, those items tend to last longer than non-sustainable items. Your bank account will thank you for choosing sustainable items because you won’t have to replace items as often! Items such as sustainable rings, clothes and even dishware will help you reduce the amount of money you spend because they won’t break down quickly or with general wear-and-tear.

2. Sustainable items are more available than you think

So many items are available sustainably! When searching for sustainable items, look for items built with reusable materials or for Fair Trade symbols on their websites. You’ll know you’ve found a sustainable item when it has those features. Sustainable alternatives aren’t just for clothes. Furniture and even jewelry can be sourced sustainably. Silicone wedding bands are great for couples who want to make the change to sustainable living in small yet significant ways. Sustainable living is all about finding solutions to everyday activities that don’t create unnecessary waste. Doing something simple, like swapping out your wedding ring for a silicone one, is an easy step practically anyone can take. 

3. You’ll feel healthier

Shopping sustainably can also get you healthier. When you make sustainable choices, you also start to make more healthy conscious choices. These choices will only benefit you in the long run. Typically, when you shop sustainably, you’re choosing items that feature organic growth. There’s usually fewer chemicals and growth hormones involved in the farming or harvesting of the item. Plus, choosing sustainable food alternatives typically means you’re choosing items that are fair trade. There are lots of products that are created with fair and equitable farming practices. These items not only help make the Earth greener but also help you feel good about what you’re consuming.

4. It supports jobs

sustainable products

Shopping sustainably means that you’re supporting jobs. Many sustainable businesses aren’t large corporations, but those small businesses need your purchases to survive. While there’s been a global push for all large companies to switch over to more sustainable practices, there are still plenty of companies that don’t provide fair and equitable working conditions or wages to their employees. Shopping sustainably supports jobs for individuals that might otherwise end up working for companies that don’t provide them a fair work environment or wage.

5. You can meet new people

One of the best parts about shopping sustainably is the community that’s started. Whether it’s clothing swaps, zero-waste pop-ups or even a community garden, shopping sustainably allows you the opportunity to participate in a culture and community that’s unique and supportive of your sustainable journey. For many, being surrounded by others who are going through the same experience can help keep you accountable to your sustainable goals. Of course, this is a journey, so don’t expect to be a pro overnight. But, as you get more invested into the world of sustainability, you’ll meet new people who can guide you in learning more or avoiding mistakes. Plus, if you find something that works, you can share it with your community and they can shop with you. For people who are new to sustainable living, this can be a huge help in getting off the ground and easing into the lifestyle.

6. You’ll make an impact

Sustainable living is all about making the world a better place. Whether that’s through supporting more sustainable farming, prioritizing quality over quantity or simply reducing the amount of waste you create each year, choosing to live sustainably is how you can make an impact. Some scientists estimate that if we don’t make changes now, we will see a variety of impacts, such as stronger hurricanes, longer droughts and even drastic sea level rise. Choosing to live sustainably and shop sustainable alternatives is just one way you can do your part and make an impact on keeping the planet green and healthy!

7. Starting small will help you make bigger adjustments later on

Starting small

You don’t have to run out there and trash your entire wardrobe or remodel your entire home. Instead, focus on small changes you can make that don’t take much effort. Choose organic produce at the grocery store. When you do your annual spring cleaning, donate your items or look for a local clothing swap event instead of just tossing your clothes in the garbage. Create a compost bin and start composting your coffee grounds and other trash. These small changes will help you as you move through your sustainable living journey!

8. You can pass your habits down

Sustainable shopping doesn’t have to end with you. By shopping for sustainable alternatives, you’ll encourage others to do the same. Whether you make it a family habit and make it something your kids choose to do in their own adult lives, or it becomes something that your friends start and integrate into their daily shopping habits, you’ll still pass the knowledge along. The more people who shop sustainable alternatives, the healthier our planet — and we! — will be.

Choosing to shop sustainable alternatives is a huge step for many people. And, for those on the fence, it can seem like quite a challenge. There are lots of reasons to shop sustainably, but the most important one is that you’ll feel much better about yourself at the end of the day. When you know you’ve done your part to make the world a better place, you’ll feel happier. Who doesn’t want to feel happy? Shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be about big, drastic changes. Doing your part just takes commitment.

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