Mindstix Interview Experience for Fresher 2022

I was interviewed for a Member of Technical Staff Role at Mindstix Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. Since I am a fresher, Mindstix takes 3 rounds to select candidates. The whole recruitment process was completed within 15-20 Days.

About Company: Mindstix accelerates digital transformation for the world’s leading brands. We are a team of passionate innovators specialized in Cloud Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Digital Experiences, and Enterprise Mobility. You can refer to the company website.

Recruitment Process:

  • Coding Assessment
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Round 1: (Coding Assessment):  It was held on the Amcat platform and consisted of two coding questions, ranging from Medium to Advanced level of Data Structures and Algorithms Topic.

  • Coding Question 1: Write an algorithm to find the minimum number of bits that must be flipped to convert message P to message Q (Representation of both P and Q are mentioned below.
 Input:      7      10
 Output:     3
              Binary Representation of P (first value in Input) is 00000111.
              Binary Representation of Q (second value in Input) is 00001010.
              Three bits of P at position 5,6 and 8 must be flipped. 
              So, the number of bits that must be flipped is 3.

Round 2: (Technical Interview): My Resume is based on the Android Domain, so the interviewer assigned to me was a Member of the Technical Staff (MTS) in the Android Domain. He first introduced himself, and I presented myself in return. He then started asking me some questions based on Android and its latest trends, asked questions based on apps published on the play store, and then asked me to do some coding questions.

 Input:  3   100   95   78   20   1   0  
 Output:  195   1
 Constraints: Should not use any predefined functions, only one loop
                is allowed and should avoid creating multiple variables, lists, etc.
 Input:  "Multimedia"
 Output: [['m',  2],  ['i', 2]]
 Constraints: Should not use any predefined functions, only one loop is 
              allowed and should avoid creating multiple variables, lists, etc.
  • What is Jetpack Compose in Android?
  • Do you know about MVVM Architecture?
  • Explain the flow of the Android lifecycle
  • Do you know about Clean Architecture?
  • Asked about REST API, and GraphQL.

I solved both the coding questions and answered almost each and every question since they are directly related to Android. The interview lasted for nearly 90 minutes, and he asked whether do you have any questions. I have cleared the Technical Interview and invited you for the HR Interview.

Round 2 – (HR Interview): In this interview, HR asked me some questions about my Projects, Achievements 

  • Introduce yourself
  • Asked me for my interested domain
  • Tell me about your recent projects 
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Have you done any recent courses in any domain?
  • What do you prefer: A work Profile or a Pay Package?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

The interview lasted for 20-30 minutes, and HR asked me about my location details and some preferences. They took nearly 4-5 days and I got a call from HR regarding the Offer and shared the further details.

Final Verdict: Selected

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