10 Easy Pieces: Washable Carpets, Neutral Edition

For high foot traffic zones, the washable carpet is a video game changer. In the cooking area, entranceway, or kids’s areas, these cotton or artificial carpets are developed to crunch up into your home cleaning device. Here are our 10 favorites.

N.B.: Cleaning up artificial product in the cleaning device can produce micro-waste contamination. Setting up a cleaning device filter such as Filtrol, PlanetCare, or the Sweetheart Collective Microfiber Filter work for cleaning big fabrics such as carpets. For little fabrics such as clothes, we like the ease of the Guppy Good Friend Cleaning Bag

lorena canals produces a collection of washable wool rugs called woolable that  12
Above: Lorena Canals produces a collection of washable wool carpets called Woolable that are made totally of natural fibers. The Woolable Carpet Tundra in Blended Sheep Beige uses long stack undyed sheep wool with a base of recycled cotton; $195 to $1,695 depending upon size at Lorena Canals.
from revival, the catlett custom washable rug is a soft, high pile washable woo 13
Above: From Revival, the Catlett Customized Washable Carpet is a soft, high-pile washable wool carpet that becomes part of Revival’s very first collection of washable wool carpets; $420 to $2,250 depending upon size.
the west elm kids boho washable rug light gray is made of polyester and designe 14
Above: The West Elm Children Boho Washable Carpet Light Gray is made from polyester and developed to be cleaned and hung to dry; $99 for the 3-by-5-foot size to $299 for the 5-by-8-foot size.
from joinery in brooklyn, the cru rug white cotton is designed in los angeles a 15
Above: From Joinery in Brooklyn, the Cru Carpet White Cotton is developed in Los Angeles and woven in Minas Gerais, Brazil by the Joinery weaving cumulative. The carpet is developed to be cleaned on a cold, mild cycle with moderate cleaning agent followed by air drying.
the lorena canals tribu washable rug in natural is made of recycled cotton; $ 16
Above: The Lorena Canals Tribu Washable Carpet in Natural is made from recycled cotton; $239 to $439 depending upon size readily available at Lorena Canals.
the ruggable serenata rug in ash grey is $89 to $639. 17
Above: The Ruggable Serenata Carpet in Ash Grey is $89 to $639.
the simple natural cotton under the bough rug is $60 to $175. 18
Above: The easy Natural cotton Under the Bough Carpet is $60 to $175.

from tumble, the living tabor washable rug in natural/ash is $99 to $539 at t 19
Above: From Tumble, the Living Tabor Washable Carpet in Natural/Ash is $99 to $539 at Tumble.
revival’s geometric ellipsis washable rug is available in camel, sh 20
Above: Revival’s geometric Ellipsis Washable Carpet is readily available in camel, revealed, and sage; $199 to $589 at Revival.
the hook & loom solid medium grey flatweave eco cotton rug starts at $22 21
Above: The Hook & & Loom Strong Medium Grey Flatweave Eco Cotton Carpet begins at $22 to $565 for a big runner at Hook & & Loom.

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